Update on the Novel

Just wanted to get a post in here that had some concept of a timeline for this project. Am I writing this book right now? Kinda. I started this book just before signing a publishing deal last year. Right before Christmas. The deal is initially for two picture books with a first look option on this novel. So the first picture book is in the final editing stages. Once that is settled I’ll finish the illustrations while completing the first draft and dummy for the second book.

Now that doesn’t mean I’ve tossed “The Conjurers” sauce pan onto the cold back burner. But it does mean I’m not in the throws of a first draft. I had completed the first 100 pages before the book deal. Last month I re-wrote chapters 1-3 for my publisher. They were itching to see something. Now, while working on the picture books I’m waiting on a yay or nay. If it’s a nay my agent will then shop it around. Hopefully it’s a yay. It’d be nice, not to mention a luxury to keep everything at one publisher.

As far as work on “The Conjurers”, I’ve been refreshing my studies of the history of magic. It will certainly help me translate the world in my head onto paper in a more vibrant manner. Also, there is an offshoot project based on this novel. It will coincide with the launching of the official website. First things first.

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