Twitter anyone?

Anyone using twitter? If you are, come follow along:


Promoting a blog (and comic strip) through social media is critical. However, unlike buying advertising, you really have to enjoy the social networks you use.

Quite frankly, I didn’t see any point to twitter at first. But, like most things, I give it a fair shake before passing judgment. Glad I did.

2 thoughts on “Twitter anyone?

  1. Paul James

    I felt the same way! I am not a self-absorbed teen or even a twenty-something, so I immediately opted out of the Twitterfied life. Then, a business colleague told me how he uses it, so I gave it a try. It is especially nice for people (like me) who work at home most of the time. It gives you a feeling of actually being connected to other people, where even mundane is interesting because it’s someone else’s mundane, not mine. It is a social “network”, so it will also expand your social horizons if you let it (kinda like allowing a software geek to have a peek into the day of a guy who draws cartoon dogs for a living 🙂

    It’s far more personal than an RSS/blog feed, but doesn’t carry the “requiredness” of an e-mail. My keen sense of wanting to “stand outside the crowd” still cringes at the words Twitter, Tweeps, Tweets, and Twits, but hey, I’ve been called worse 🙂

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