The Conjurers Webcomic

Bit of a gap between pages. Sorry about that. However the reason for the delay is, I think, a decent one. Talks are back on regarding the Conjurers novel. Hopefully they end with a deal. Either way the comics shall continue.

3 thoughts on “The Conjurers Webcomic

  1. Jande

    Ahah! At last I found you! (I finally noticed the Conjurers box at the bottom of the DeD page.) Sheesh I feel stupid. Been waiting for new of the updates on this and here it was all along!
    I have to say, I’m really loving this. The story is creepy and weird in a good way and the art style is awesome!
    I’m going to add this to my InkOutbreak exchange box so I don’t miss any more updates.

    Good luck with publishing the novel. So exciting! :`D

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