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Inktober Part 6


This one was super fast. I think I was going for a Victorian age puppet, then something weird happened with its arms.

Inktober, Part 2

inktober 2016

I’m a bit behind posting these to the website. Generally I whip these up as quick as I can then just post them around to social media. The name of the game is speed. Inktober is a great exercise to break away from whatever project I’m working on and do something random. Helps loosen the gunk around the creative gears.

Inktober: The Story Chair Part II

Inktober doodle

Story Chair Part II

The Story Chair for Inktober

The Story Chair. Inktober.

The Story Chair. Inktober.

Inktober Doodle Number Six

Another quickie for Inktober.

Another quickie for Inktober.

Working without panels


Quick peek at some art from page 40 of the webcomic. For this project I have to work fast and small. Usually on letter size paper. And fast. Did I mention fast?

One draw back: after a time, I tend to suffocate my work under those constraints. Panels become flat, emotionless. So, to break out of that, I draw the shots and scenes on larger paper. Let my hand move further, wilder. That lets me work fast and punch in some emotion.

After the shots are drawn, I’ll composite them in photoshop in their letter sized pixel cell.