Shakespeare’s Clowns

Well, my clowns to be exact. I’ll have to post some of the initial sketches of these guys, the Grubian Brothers.

I did this sketch after writing the chapter in which they first appear. Just a chance to really get them to come to life.

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare’s Clowns

  1. mesmacat

    Some lovely drawing here, and the character in the back is perfect in itself. it asks to be given a stage on which to perform. It is performing anyway, and stuff whether a suitable venue will appear.

    The foreground characters is lost though. It may just be the juxtaposition of the two, a slight change in position could make all the difference. I can see the front character when I ignore the back, and both have their own invitations. But together they don’t feel comfortable as your have drawn them, perhaps they will become so through further exploration

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