Revealing Secrets

Part of the fun of this book is creating the “secrets” behind well known magic tricks. This sketch shows the origins of the famous “Dancing Cane” effect. There have been several methods over the years (one of the best was Copperfield’s).

But in this Novel, those methods where created to hide the truth. And that truth is that dancing canes breed in the wilds of The Conjurian. The canes choose their own masters, which is why not every magician can perform the effect. They also have an excellent sense of direction, aiding many a travelling magician in the old days.

So that’s just one of the many trick/creatures you’ll meet in the Conjurers. Oh, and I have no idea who the guy on the bottom is…yet.

5 thoughts on “Revealing Secrets

  1. carol

    I’m loving this book more every time you post something new. Brilliant! having the magicians’ secrets just covering up the REAL story.

  2. Miss Cow is a Cow

    Ohhhh you’re NaNo’ing??? What’s your username?

    I’m avrowife. I’m HOPING to be done in three days (Hoping being the operative word.) Only 8500 words to go.

    If my damned characters weren’t on strike I could probably do it in two.

  3. Anias Nin

    Your sketches are amazing. It seems like, from your posts, that you are in the process of writing a book? I’d love to read it when you are finished just on the basis of your sketches. I just love them.

  4. brian

    Yah, I’m in the midst of writing “The Conjurers”. I will post a few chapters from the book once I’ve finished the initial manuscript and at least one rewrite.

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