Update on the Webcomic

I know the site has been stagnant for a bit. And it’s about time I posted something as to why. The Conjurers webcomic has not gone away. In fact I’m still working on it…at an intensely slow pace. The first story is written but due to my new book, the strip and “The Conjurers” novel, I haven’t been able to get a new page up. Also, we’re moving and packing and taping boxes eats up a lot of time.

The good news is that talks for the novel are moving forward. Also at an intensely slow pace, however that’s due to what myself and my editor are trying to do. Which is something completely different. And when you try to do something completely different you don’t know exactly what it is you’re trying to do util you figure it out. And we’re close to figuring it out. And during the time away from producing pages for the webcomic, I’ve re-thought the art a bit and will take the upcoming pages in a slightly different direction. I’m enjoying the techniques I’m using, and I’ll keep using those. The changes will come in the form of a more realized style for the drawings. Which, if you flip back through the comic so far, you can tell the base layer of art (i.e. the pencils) wander a bit between comic book style and cartoony. I’m zeroing in on a set look.

Thanks to all who have come along this far and the comic will return soon.

The Conjurers Webcomic

Bit of a gap between pages. Sorry about that. However the reason for the delay is, I think, a decent one. Talks are back on regarding the Conjurers novel. Hopefully they end with a deal. Either way the comics shall continue.

The Conjurers Webcomic

Page sixteen. Savachia’s getting the ol’ magician’s test to see if he’s serious about magic. It’s actually a fairly common practice in the real world. Most people loose interest after learning the working bits of a trick. If someone does master a trick you teach them, then there’s a chance they have the bug.

And, again, the interiors of the shop are fairly close to the store I based it on, except of course for the secret door. In the real shop, there is a door in that location that opens into a mini parlor complete with a stage. Always loved that about the shop so I took some liberties with it in the strip. And I am certainly taking liberties with the things that room contains. You’ll just have to wait a bit for that.

The Conjurers Webcomic

And now we see a bit of Tenyo’s personality. She makes a cactus feel smooth.

Oh and a note on the “Blaine Package”. I personally don’t prescribe to that way of thinking, which is that David did tricks anyone could pick up at a shop and perform. Just borrowed that sentiment for Tenyo.

Won’t bore you with a magic lecture. Suffice it to say that the methods don’t matter. The reaction and effect it has on the spectator is what counts. Posting this now before I jog off into a rant.

The Conjurers Webcomic

Late again. But I had to appease the Dog eat Doug deadline before finishing this page. The interior of the magic shop is fairly close to the actual shop it’s based on. I know, cool huh?

There’s two other intriguing aspects to the real life magic store and both will play a roll in the comic. So, as you can guess, I’m not going to tell you now.

The Conjurers Webcomic

A day late but not a comic short. This one took a bit for a couple reasons. I have the entire story plotted but when I hit this page I realized it could be combined with the next page. So I scrapped them both and wrote this hybrid page.

And yes, this shop is based on a real magic store. I used to live right down the street. And it’s a magician’s magic store. By that I mean, unless you’re a magician, you would never know it existed. Yet a parade of who’s who in the magic world parade through the closet sized store whenever they’re in town.

A little side story for my magician pals: One Saturday at the shop I got to spend the afternoon browsing through and trying out a box of spirit slates and such with Eugene Burger. Now that’s a real magic shop!

The Conjurers Webcomic

It’s 12:51 in the morning, so technically I missed the Monday deadline. Hopefully this page is interesting enough to be a smidge late. And obviously it opens another plot line. This plot line also ties directly into the novel. And by that I mean the scarred, card manipulating dude is THEE bad guy.

A New Day

Nine pages in and I’m still on deadline. And back on deadline for Dog eat Doug too. Wasn’t sure if I’d be able to hack another strip, even if it was only once a week. So far, fingers crossed. It’s mostly due to having the writing and plotting done. Then it’s just a matter of producing the art and I’m getting the process down for this style slowly but surely.

Would love to here what you think so far in the blank little comment section below, or on twitter, or facebook, or G+ or…right, too much socializing might be a bad thing. Please just drop a note below.

Oh, and how many magic/magician allusions have you picked up on?

New Year, New Choices

Already on page eight. Just about at the end of act one, which simply means that in the coming pages the plot thickens. A lot. And, from an art perspective, I think the pages will lighten up a tad. Not sooo much heavy texture in the background.

Speaking of the art, I’ll take some pics of the process for the next page. Experimenting as I go, but I have a relatively simple process so far. It’s a messy process which is as I intended. And I need to fill out more of the site. Some pieces on magic and my research for the novel.

Any magicians reading? Bet you recognized one at least one of the names I’ve slipped in so far huh?

The Magic of Mac

A day ate on this one. The holiday and my other strip slowed me down a bit. Yet here it is! Hope this page doesn’t feel too crowded. In the original scripts, this bit of exposition took up two pages. I dislike heavy exposition. Especially flashbacks. However, in this case, I felt I had to dip a bit into the past to set the emotional drive for the old couple. Tugs on the heart strings a bit? I hope.

The True Lords of Sin City

And ever so slowly another layer is peeled back. Hope you’re still intrigued. Might run a little contest soon, before I start promoting the strip. Just a thank you for everyone who has come through the doors early and slumped down in a chair for a spell to see what this is all about. Think I’ll pull out an original drawing to put up for grabs.

Oh, and see those to gents escorting Mac in the last panel? Look familiar? Have a browse back through the archives. I’ve posted some images of them before. They come up a lot in the novel. It’s a lot of fun building something that is interwoven from one end to the other. A bit like building a puzzle from the inside out. Won’t really get to piece together the edges until the first novel comes out.

An offer you should refuse.

The plot thickens, which also slows down the art production. The next few pages will be interesting. A few glimpses of the shadowy side of magicians. Just a glimpse mind you.

In the meantime, if you want a complete story to read (or to read to someone), my new picture book came out last week. It’s dark too, so if you like this art I think you’ll love “The Prince’s New Pet“:

The Prince’s New Pet

Opportunity Knocks

Episode four, here we are. What say you? Does it have at least a tiny crab claw on your curiosity? The pace does seem oh so slow for me, but I’ve always had a tendency to info dump waaay to early in my writing and it’s a habit I’ve worked hard to break. Promise, there are so many cool things to come and I guarantee you won’t see them till they are three blocks away with your wallet or purse securely in hand. I kid of course, just had to toss a street con allusion in there.

And thanks to all the early readers and the word spreading on twitter and such. I’m holding off on any kind of marketing until I have a stable full of pages. So the fact that you’re reading this right now means a ton.

Running Home Again

Well, here we are. Page two. Sorry if this updating schedule feels like a slow crawl down an up escalator. I truly hope I’ll be able to up the production line by next year. It’s also the reason why I’m not revving up the PR machine for this one. It’s a bit hard to ask people to swing by the site and check out one or two pages. However, I truly appreciate all the re-tweets and stumbles over the past week.

The Story Begins

And so it finally begins. This is the first page of the Conjurers webcomic. And a new page shall follow every Monday. Thanks to all who waited an awfully long time for me to get my duff of the fence and get this webcomic part started.

And, as this arc is obviously named “Savachia’s Tale”, this first chapter of comics will follow the young street magician right up to his journey to the Conjurian. Which is to say this first story leads right into the first prose novel.

Once a week is not much of an updating schedule, but between cranking out another daily strip and a couple other book projects, it’s about all I can swing…for now. Rest assured, this first arc is plotted and revised so I know where we’re going. And there will be twists. Not everything is as it appears. This is the world of magicians after all.

Character concept – the princess


This is a character that will be in the first webcomic story and in the novel. She is based on a real magician, Princess Tenyo. I’m a long way off on her look so I’ll share some sketches from the process.