Novel Notebooks

Notebooks are where the ideas start for me. Moleskine notebooks to be more exact. Here’s my first posting of one of my initial sketches/concept entries.

I should also mention a little about the plot of the novel. If the title didn’t give it away, it’s about magicians. I know, I know, magicians and magic stories are under every rock these days. The difference is that for me, magic is part of my life.

In second grade I learned my first tricks from my Uncle. I’ve been performing ever since. So this book is a culmination of all those mispent years in a way. I’ve combined my passion and knowledge of magic into a fantasy about magicians.

But you won’t find any wizards or dragons in this book. My inspiration is drawn from past and present conjurers. From Thurston to Derren Brown. Without knowing it, I’ve researched this book almost my whole life.

I’ll post some more about the story later. For now back to writing. But here’s one more look behind the scenes before I go:

4 thoughts on “Novel Notebooks

  1. Carol

    This looks just incredibly awesome. I hope you’ll be able to get it published when it’s finished.

  2. brian

    Actually my favorite sketching pen is the Pilot G2 o5. I’ve tried every pen imaginable and these things just rock.

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