New Pen Test

Okay, this sketch may or may not have anything to do with the novel. But I just had to try out my new brush pen. It rocks! I’ve actually started using it to ink my comic strip.

7 thoughts on “New Pen Test

  1. Anonymous

    So what’s the pen?? I’ve felt for a while that my beloved Copic Multiliner SP Brush was without rival…


    P.S. I’m really enjoying what you’re doing here!

  2. brian

    It’s the Pentel Brush pen. The biggest and best difference between it and the Copic (and pigma) brush pen is this one has actual bristles.

    So it doesn’t wear out or get “rough” like the felt brushes.

  3. Benjamin Solah

    I keep seeing your sketches and they’re awesome. You’ve got some real talent here and it’s a pity that society doesn’t value art like that.

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