New Character Concept

So this is one I did a couple days ago. This is one of those characters you never see coming, but once they “pop in” you can’t get rid of them.

14 thoughts on “New Character Concept

  1. natepaints

    It is rare that I find a site that makes me stop and scroll all the way down, but your did. Your drawings have wonderful line quality, movement, and life to them. Really wonderful stuff.

  2. Nina Johansson

    Lovely drawings with a very unique style. I like what you do!

    Thanks for your comment on my post over at The Drawing Club, there´s an answer to your question there in the comments section! See ya!

  3. EuroYank

    I am finishing my first novel. Perhaps you could take a look and give me some pointers. I posted some excerpts. Its at EuroYank first post called Bye Bye Miss American Pie. Would appreciate any constructinve criticism.

  4. brian

    Thanks Brianna (great name!). I will have updates once some details about the novel get finalized. But that’ll be a little ways off as I’ve got two picture books to finish up before the Novel deal.

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