Meeting the Creature

These are some new concept sketches for a creature called a Rag-o-Roc. Originally they were large, bulky things with armor skin. But when I reached the part of the book where the first Rag-o-Roc makes it’s appearance, I realized they needed to be scarier but also I needed them to move quick. I wanted something spider-like. Something that gives you the sense you can’t escape it. Much like the creature in Alien.

Granted, the book is not illustrated, but having the concept sketch makes it a whole lot easier to bring it to life in prose. I hope it makes it more real and fearsome too.

8 thoughts on “Meeting the Creature

  1. carol

    Decidedly creepy.
    The book isn’t illustrated? Not at all? But…what about all these wonderful pictures you’ve been showing us?

  2. brian

    Actually I would love to, if the book does well enough. I’m definitely planning on doing that on the second book.

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