I thought I’d post this poem from the beginning of the novel. I wrote it probably four years ago and forgot about it. I only remembered it after starting work on “The Conjurers” novel. I kept having this feeling that I had written something that would fit perfectly with this book.

After some digging through old files, I found it. Funny how the imagination works. Apparently my subconscious knew I’d get around to writing this novel sooner or later. So here it is:

Opening Night

It all started with a whiz, a bang and a clang
But no one could see for it was very, very dark
Then they all heard the small voice as it sang
‘Oh my, I believe I see a spark!’

The curtains were raised with a great whooshing
And bright light assailed the audiences’ faces
Then began the screaming and pushing
As people ran from their places

What horror had come to the theatre this night?
A new play begun for the merriment of the masses
Transmogrified to a tragedy and put them affright
A reflection of flames danced on someone’s glasses

The evening patrons towards the exits scrambled
From the stage danced the curtains like fiery dragons
Screams as the doors were found to be securely bolted
More combusting carrion dove from the bastions

The dramatic author in the wings stood unfelled
Gladdened tears lay upon his lips upturned
From the shrieking scheol a young child questioned:
“How are you without fear and by sorrow not impelled?”

His first reply was a hideous cackle
The form he took raised above any civil wrong
His wings spread to give flight to a rusty grackle
“My dear child, I had planned it all along”

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