Dog eat Doug Volume Three

So, in the little cracks of time between rewriting and illustrating the novel, I manage to patch together these DeD collections. Usually I spend twenty minutes a night browsing through the archive until I have enough strips for a full volume, about 128 pages with three strips on each.

Then, in those same nooks of time, I design and finish the cover. That’s where I am now, and here is the initial art for volume three. Still needs a few tweaks. It takes a while when you only spend a few minutes a day on it, but I hope to have this out by December.

Dog eat Doug volume three cover

Not Final Art

2 thoughts on “Dog eat Doug Volume Three

  1. Carolyn K Stephens

    Brian, I am delighted by your Lake Monster and Dog cartoons of August 2014 and June 2015. In summers we live on Lake Champlain in Addison County, VT. The 9 grandchildren all think they have seen “Champ” the local sea monster. Are you from Vermont:? (The setting is just like these.) RSVP.

  2. admin Post author

    Well, thanks. I’m originally from Worcester, Ma. Just moved to NC three years ago. But have been to Vermont many, many times.

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