Concept Sketch – The House

Originally I thought the house would play a bigger role in the book. But as it turned out it just becomes a staging grounds to set up the actual adventure.

6 thoughts on “Concept Sketch – The House

  1. stephanie

    Instead of an actual novel (or in addition if you get bored *note sarcasm*) you should write a serious comic book with all of these images and more. Something like… what’s that famous serious comic book… something about mice… can’t remember the name of it for the life of me now. That’d be an awesome collection. And use the patch graphic for the cover from the free lance site..!


    Yeah I found it, the book I was thinking of is “Maus”.
    That was what I was thinking of… One of those types of novels. And of course have Sophie sneak in a cameo somewhere. I think comic (or all for that matter) book series’ are too overrun with crap, hard for good stuff to stand out.

  3. brian

    That’s an epic work. I love it. You’re right about the comic book world. It chokes a lot on its own garbage. Still, some real gems are out there. Especially in the graphic novel arena. “Road to Perdition” is a great one that pops to mind.

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