Classic Comic Strips

dog eat doug classic comic strip

One of the fun parts of putting together the Dog eat Doug comic strip collections is seeing old strips for the first time, again. I don’t remember half of these, and some of them surprise me. This is one I had forgotten about. Funny how 2013 can seem so long ago.

4 thoughts on “Classic Comic Strips

  1. Vicky Barfield

    I don’t know if this is the correct forum for this sort of message, but I wanted to express my deepest sympathy on your loss. As an animal lover, it always makes my day to read Dog eat Doug, and when I heard she was gone, my heart broke for you. What lovely girl she was; thank you for sharing her with us.

  2. eric levine

    i love ur comic strip. i have one dog, dani, who is4 we adopted her when she was pregnant & got all puppies adopted my adult daughter adopted puppy named mason who has really bonded w dani. mason is just likely sophie. so many times ur situations for her r just like mason. i have started cutting out strips & putting them on my frig. my favorite one is when sophie complains about foster dog then hugs foster & tells foster dog to never leave it reminds me of our 2 dogs!

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