Classic Comic Strips

As I rummage through the archives for the next collection, I thought I’d pull a few oldies out and share them on the sight. These are strips that I forgot about completely. It’s like getting to read them for the first time. Sometimes they make me laugh. This one did, although the art is horrendous. Not sure if I was experimenting with new styles or hadn’t slept in three days.

So this obviously means I’m currently putting together volume 9, and I have made a few changes. First off, in order to reduce costs on the print versions, I’m going back to the smaller book size. Self-publishing image heavy books is a major hurdle. And printing them in color makes it similar to financing a Mars rover. Remember volume two? I picked that size because that was what Garfield collections looked like when I was a kid. I switched to the larger format just to deliver more comics in each book. The trade off, of course, was the price.

Once I have the title and cover done, I’ll post the new size here.




2 thoughts on “Classic Comic Strips

  1. Ove Holsen


    I was wondering if you ever sell any of your original Dog eat Doug comic strips ?
    Please contact me on mail if so 🙂

  2. admin Post author

    From time to time I sell a few. In recent years, most of the strips are finished digitally due to time constraints. So I don’t have a lot of recent originals. But I do make the older ones available on Ebay when I have a free moment.

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