Burning through Moleskines

Time to open a new notebook. A fresh, Hobbit Moleskine. For the most part I'm writing this novel longhand. Means quite the workout for the Lamy. The advantage to pen and paper is the ability to write anywhere, anytime. Gotten used to that over the years. This also means a chance for some chunky editing when I transcribe the words into the computer. I used to try avoiding the whole transcribing process. Save time. But really, it's a huge advantage. Mainly, by not getting into the habit of having to sit at the laptop to work, I can squeeze a lot more words out of the day.


2 thoughts on “Burning through Moleskines

  1. Bruce Wilson

    wow! who wouldda guessed in this day/time someone still writes first, then inputs. makes sense though, your reasoning. Neat to see one who enjoys living out from under electronics.

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