And there he was

This was a random doodle that turned into one of the characters already in my book. I also posted a sketch of him a while back. What’s interesting about this incarnation is how ominous he looks here. It gave me an insight into his place in the book.

3 thoughts on “And there he was

  1. carol

    Wow, I hadn’t checked here in a while and you’ve posted so much!! All these sketches look great. You seem to have so many projects — the daily comic and all the different books you’re working on. I’m impressed that you can keep it all separate and still get things accomplished. How do you do it?

  2. brian

    Actually I was thinking of doing some posts on time management for writers. Simply because I’m learning as I go.

    But really, I have a schedule down for the strip. I’m cranking on the novel right now as production on the two children’s books hasn’t started up yet. SO when it does, I’ll just wedge in my novel writing somewhere in between.

  3. mesmacat

    This is a nice piece, but not so nice. He is there in the drawing, though I know nothing about him. He invites me to find out, perhaps at my peril.

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