A new Conjurers Webcomic Page

Still trying to get two pages up a week. It would serve the story better to keep things moving instead of falling into the rhythm of a weekly cliffhanger. Mostly it comes down to spending spare moments scratching at the plot and scripting out a few pages at a time. The art side of things is getting faster. Hopefully not too fast that it comes off as sloppy. 

The Conjurers Comic Strip on GoComics.com


4 thoughts on “A new Conjurers Webcomic Page

  1. admin Post author

    Soon. The novels have eaten all my time. But I have scripted the final arc for Savachia’s tale. Thanks for waiting!

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks! Indeed I will. The novels had to come first. So this got put on a hold for a bit. Once I have a handle on the book side of things, this will start running again, soon.

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