A Little Back Story

Before I jump into chronicling the process of writing this novel, I think it best or at least of interest to give a little background info on myself.

I am a syndicated cartoonist (www.dogeatdoug.com) and screenwriter living just outside of Boston. The comic strip launched last November, so between that and my last screenplay, I’ve been pushing back on this novel thingy. But now that I’ve got my rhythm down on the whole strip a day gig, and my screenplay is safely floating in development limbo in L.A., I thought it was the perfect time to start “The Conjurers.” Plus, what better time to start than NaNoWriMo.

So that’s a smidge of what I do. Now onto writing a novel. As you can tell, I won’t be “blogging” the actual book here. It’s more a scratch-space where I’ll run through my methods and quirks for writing. It’s always fun to see how others write. Sometimes you can even pick up some nifty tips (that’s right, I used “nifty”, and I’ll use it every damn chance I get) that you might make your own. I’ll always try something once. Worst that can happen is you don’t do it again.

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