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Illustration Process

Novel illustration process.

Quick screen crap of my process. This is a two page spread at the end of chapter five. Inking and flatting are done. Now I’m adding hard line shadows. After that, I build up the more subtle shading then add some texturing. The text will flow around these illustrations and below the two panels on the right page.

I’m getting more comfortable with this process, mostly from doing it a lot. I’m usually a mess, never doing the same technique twice, but a project like this needs consistency.

Animating a Two Page Spread

wagon interiorMoving along with the art from chapter four. This posted piece is a two page spread. The previous page is all prose ending with the kids entering the carriage. You flip the page and voila, you get to see what they see. I needed to accomplish a lot in this spread. First off, I’m setting up the interi
or of the carriage (it comes up again later) but more importantly, I get to show a little of what the Grubians do as opposed to just chatting about it in the prose.

Meanwhile, the dialog helps set up some more important elements, all set against a static background where the characters move from panel to panel, hopefully giving it a cinematic effect as opposed to hopping from panel to panel.

Puppets and Prose

A while back I posted some concept sketches of puppets. Thought I’d share how they ended up and why I used puppets. In chapter four of the novel we happen upon some characters, who, while they are major characters, also happen to be travelling puppeteers. That profession may or may not be a cover for more nefarious endeavors. No spoilers.

So this presented an opportunity to drop in critical backstory and, being that parts of the novel are illustrated, what better way to sneak in said bit of backstory by illustrating the puppet show. The prose transitions into the sequentials I’ve posted below. It is a very rudimentary creation myth as told by puppets.

Chapter4-3_091515_previewthe conjurers book one sample pages