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New Conjurers Comic

A meeting in the back room. And what war? Oh it’s coming. There will of course be some battles before the showdown. We got a ways to go before that happens. Savachia’s life is about to get even more twisted.

Peek under the cover of the novel.

Opening page of the novel.

This is the rough art for the opening to the novel. It opens with news coverage of a live escape by world famous magician, Angel Xavier. So yes, the book opens with sequential art. I’ll post some more as the pages progress and add a look at how it will phase into the prose. I’m sure there’ll be a few bugs to work out.Opening page of the novel.


Here’ a picture from the opening of the novel. Yep, that’s a panel. Which will be followed by several other panels and then a fade right into prose.

So yes, I’m doing something different. An experiment of sorts. Kind of risky, but, what really helps is having confidence in this world, this story and most importantly, the characters. It’s all there. Just comes down to execution.

New Conjurers Comic

So they know. But how much do they know? Do they know what Savachia is looking for? Next episode you may find out a bit more. And you might just see a hint at something much different going on.

New Conjurers Comic

Savachia has barely begun to weave his web and already, fraying a bit at the edges. But now, what are Ray and Eugene up to?  And is Savachia going to come clean about why he’s really there? Things are going to start twisting up faster and faster now.

How do like the pacing so far? Too slow? Not enough info?

New Conjurers Comic

Who’s this guy? He is based on a real magician and it is based, loosely, on a real experience. Same as this shop is inspired by my old magic shop back in Mass.  One Saturday at the shop I had the wonderful happenstance to pick through spirit slates with thee Eugene Burger. My fellow magicians know who he is. Now if you haven’t heard of him, pop his name into Youtube and I’m sure one of his mesmerizing performances will kick up.

Making the Comic

Since I’m a bit more comfortable with how I’m making this comic, thought I’d share my process. And it is now a process. A changing one, but far from the muddled series of penciling and ink wash methods it started out as. Right, here a pic of the scanned in art:

Comic process

Comic process

Now the original page is actually a piece of heavy bond, gray printer paper. Kind of starts you off with a nice tone. On top of that I pencil in the art. Smudge some of the pencil. Add some watercolor washes on top to build up some volume. Sometimes I add ink to some parts, usually things I want to have stand out. I’ll do some finishes with white paint or a few more texture washes. Then I scan the whole mess in. Truthfully, I am forcing myself to stay loose and keep it messy.

Once I have it scanned in, I duplicate the original art. This new layer becomes my smudge painting. In essence, via the magic of photoshop, I use the pencil, ink and watercolors as an underpainting. And after smushing things about I get this:


And that’s where I am on this page right now. I’ll post the next few steps once I get them done.

New Conjurers Comic

Now he’s getting somewhere. However, things are going to get a wee bit more complicated. You might notice the art changing a bit. That’s because it is. I’m letting it develop organically. Don’t think it will shift dramatically. That would be distracting to the story. I am starting to get a feel for this style.

Let me know what you think so far!