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The Magic of Mac

A day ate on this one. The holiday and my other strip slowed me down a bit. Yet here it is! Hope this page doesn’t feel too crowded. In the original scripts, this bit of exposition took up two pages. I dislike heavy exposition. Especially flashbacks. However, in this case, I felt I had to dip a bit into the past to set the emotional drive for the old couple. Tugs on the heart strings a bit? I hope.

The True Lords of Sin City

And ever so slowly another layer is peeled back. Hope you’re still intrigued. Might run a little contest soon, before I start promoting the strip. Just a thank you for everyone who has come through the doors early and slumped down in a chair for a spell to see what this is all about. Think I’ll pull out an original drawing to put up for grabs.

Oh, and see those to gents escorting Mac in the last panel? Look familiar? Have a browse back through the archives. I’ve posted some images of them before. They come up a lot in the novel. It’s a lot of fun building something that is interwoven from one end to the other. A bit like building a puzzle from the inside out. Won’t really get to piece together the edges until the first novel comes out.

An offer you should refuse.

The plot thickens, which also slows down the art production. The next few pages will be interesting. A few glimpses of the shadowy side of magicians. Just a glimpse mind you.

In the meantime, if you want a complete story to read (or to read to someone), my new picture book came out last week. It’s dark too, so if you like this art I think you’ll love “The Prince’s New Pet“:

The Prince’s New Pet

Opportunity Knocks

Episode four, here we are. What say you? Does it have at least a tiny crab claw on your curiosity? The pace does seem oh so slow for me, but I’ve always had a tendency to info dump waaay to early in my writing and it’s a habit I’ve worked hard to break. Promise, there are so many cool things to come and I guarantee you won’t see them till they are three blocks away with your wallet or purse securely in hand. I kid of course, just had to toss a street con allusion in there.

And thanks to all the early readers and the word spreading on twitter and such. I’m holding off on any kind of marketing until I have a stable full of pages. So the fact that you’re reading this right now means a ton.