Monthly Archives: November 2011

When Karma Comes Knockin’

So there it is. Savachia’s reason for doing whatever it takes to make a buck. And who’s at the door? You’ll see next Monday.

Running Home Again

Well, here we are. Page two. Sorry if this updating schedule feels like a slow crawl down an up escalator. I truly hope I’ll be able to up the production line by next year. It’s also the reason why I’m not revving up the PR machine for this one. It’s a bit hard to ask people to swing by the site and check out one or two pages. However, I truly appreciate all the re-tweets and stumbles over the past week.

The Story Begins

And so it finally begins. This is the first page of the Conjurers webcomic. And a new page shall follow every Monday. Thanks to all who waited an awfully long time for me to get my duff of the fence and get this webcomic part started.

And, as this arc is obviously named “Savachia’s Tale”, this first chapter of comics will follow the young street magician right up to his journey to the Conjurian. Which is to say this first story leads right into the first prose novel.

Once a week is not much of an updating schedule, but between cranking out another daily strip and a couple other book projects, it’s about all I can swing…for now. Rest assured, this first arc is plotted and revised so I know where we’re going. And there will be twists. Not everything is as it appears. This is the world of magicians after all.