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Webcomic Process: Grayscale

Here’s another look behind the curtain on making a webcomic, or at least on how I do it. This is the grey stage. It’s the hardest part for me as I always want to charge ahead and splash colors all over everything and be done with it. That always ends in a mess.

Not that this won’t end in a mess, but by having a process in place, I’ll be able to improve the art over time and get it to where I want it. In this step I flatted all the figures. That means coloring them in with just grey.

After that, I throw in some subtle shadows and highlights. Subtle is the key word and it’s the hardest part of this hardest part.

The backgrounds are combos of vectorized photos and some square brush work. I’m trying to push the style towards something I’m not comfortable with which means further away from attempting to draw pure realism. A little abstraction adds some energy methinks.

And you can see just the inks in this post from a few days ago:

Notes on the webcomic


Here’s the page where I finalized the layout for the first page. And I’ll post the final art tomorrow (I hope).

Webcomic Cover Sample

And here is a sample illustration for the webcomic. Not that webcomics have covers, but I plan on fleshing this out into a fully rendered painting and using to promote the comic side of things.

Now I just have to put the title of the first story arc on this one and it’s good to go…for now.

Sample Illustration for the Book Pitch

Finally, a few finished (but still rough) pieces to show you. This is just a sample cover idea. I think, for the final color illustrations, I’ll be doing a more involved, painted style. For now, it remains in the comic book realm.

The Webcomic is Real!

As most of you know, I’m hard at work on polishing up the pitch for the novel. At the same time I am also working on the webcomic side of things, simply because A: I want to launch the comic this year, and B: I want to include a sample in the novel pitch.

So I thought I’d share the inks to page one of episode one. I’m not completely sold on the style, but I think I’ll let it improve and grow organically from here on out. Also, haven’t made the final decisions on colors, but I do know I want a painterly effect for the backgrounds (that’s why I haven’t drawn backgrounds in some of the panels.

And on a side note, I need to go clarify the about page. Bit confusing on what exactly “The Conjurers” is.