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New Podcast up at Tall Tale

Tall Tale Features

This was a fun podcast. Of course doing any podcast with Tom Racine is a joy. The man is smooth. And I also got to chat with Francesco Marciuliano, an infinitely talented cartoonist and writer. Mike Witmer, the brilliant mind behind “Pinkerton” also swung by. We mostly chatted about the big man Berke Breathed ending Opus. So pop over and turn it on:

Tall Tale Features » Episode 5 – Talkin’ Berke

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Super Fogeys in Print

The SuperFogeys: "Dictator Tot's Revenge" Collected Works 3Honest to God, I was like a kid at Christmas today. The first three issues of Super Fogeys came in the mail! Now I’ve read them all online, but getting those books today reminded how cool it is to see your favorite strips in print.
The SuperFogeys: "The Techno Shuffle" Collected Works 2
Comic books still have the lead in the resolution game, not to mention the nostalgia of a lifelong addiction to the printed sequential medium. So now, if you’re new to SF, these books are a great way to get started, and you don’t have to worry about battery life while trying to get through all the strips. And if you’ve been a fan of SF and are all caught up on all the Space Pig goodness, you’ll treasure these books even more.

The SuperFogeys