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Original Art on Ebay

Original "Dog eat Doug" comic strip artSo I’m trying out Ebay as a seller for the first time. I’ll be popping up just a few originals for auction. Here’s the first offering:

Original “Dog eat Doug” comic strip art

The Nightmare Revisited

Dog eat Doug: It's a Good Thing They're CuteI just can’t say enough on how much this movie has inspired me over the years. And obviously judging by this album I’m not close to alone.

I also have the original children’s book Burton published. Absolutely one of the prizes of my pic book collection (I mean my son’s collection…ahem).

The New Sharpie Pen


Well I must say, this pen is a thing of beauty. Picked up a couple this morning and have put them through the ringer all day. This is now my new official workhorse pen.

Sharpie® | Sharpie Pen

The Lucas Turnbloom Interview

Lucas HeadshotRecently I had the chance to ask one of my favorite comic creators some questions. I stumbled on to Lucas’ strip, “Imagine This” right when it launched. Shortly after I got the second thrill of knowing he would be part of TTF.

So head on over to TTF and learn some more about this super talent:

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