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Are you a notebook junkie?

I’m am very guilty of that moniker. Try to hide it, but just found another site to feed my addiction. Via, discovered a great blog that deals strictly with alternatives to Moleskines. Moleskines happen to be my drug of choice, but I’m always on the lookout for other brands that also meet my requirements.

And as a topper, they’re having a little contest too:

Black Cover

Genius Illustrator of Spiderwick Chronicles

Thought I’d mention one of my inspirations in the realm of children’s books. I’m currently working on my new book, so I tend to browse around sites that give me a few amps to work harder.

Tony Diterlizzi’s site is on the top of the list. You’ll recognize his masterful work on “The Spiderwick Chronicles” but don’t miss his other artworks:

Tony DiTerlizzi’s IMAGINOPOLIS

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Interviews and Podcasts

Wanted to spotlight a few podcast interviews and also podcasts novels.

First up, myself and a few of the other kids at have been running the media circuit like greyhounds. You can check out the results here:

Tall Tale Features

And when you’ve got twelve empty dailies staring you down begging for penciling, the best way to survive the grindstone is to open up an awesome podcast novel. Haven’t listened to one? Here’s thee best place to start:

7th Son: The podcast novel trilogy by thriller novelist J.C. Hutchins

Ands that’s about it for now. Hoping to have some books to give away next month. Be sure to pop by the bookstore:

Dog eat Doug » Book Store

Sequential Artists’ Pub

Virtual pub that is. Although an actual pub for sequential artists would be lovely.

This will be an ongoing podcast. A roundtable format with some serious talent. Had to remind myself to say stuff as I was a bit caught up in listening to the other artists.

Check out this episode and if you can, listen in on the next one. If you listen live, you can chat along. That’s a pretty cool feature for a podcast:

TalkShoe – Call – The Sequential Artists’ Pub