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Disney throws its hat in the ring

Starting to get a wee bit nervous about all the companies jumping into the graphic novel stampede. Especially when the motivation is for film development projects:

Disney draws up plans for graphic novels | Entertainment | Reuters

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Twitter anyone?

Anyone using twitter? If you are, come follow along:


Promoting a blog (and comic strip) through social media is critical. However, unlike buying advertising, you really have to enjoy the social networks you use.

Quite frankly, I didn’t see any point to twitter at first. But, like most things, I give it a fair shake before passing judgment. Glad I did.

The Legend Begins…

I’ve been looking forward to the launch of this comic for awhile now. And today it’s here! So few strips have what I call the perfect storm: great concept, fantastic art, and superb writing. Now you can have all three and still miss the mark. But I felt the storm brewing ever since getting a sneak peek at the strip.

So go on over and check it out. And be sure to bookmark it. Or you can always reach it via

Legend Of Bill

Want some original art?

I’d love to be able to enter this contest, but that might seem fixed. But you should enter! I know the answer and trust me, the reveal will be awesome. Go check it out:

Imagine This » Archive » Dewey’s Adventure, Part 4 — CONTEST TIME!!

New Level of Giddiness

Yes, I am man enough to admit I get giddy. With good reason. Just checked out the website for Neil Gaiman’s “The Graveyard Book”. It’s just too long a wait. At least I can stare longingly at the illustrations for now.

And from a designer’s standpoint, I love the site. Designed by Tony Greer. He’s the kind of designer I’d love to have work on my sites.

Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book

Stripping for Charity

Guest stripping that is. Just finished up a comic for the GSP project. Not sure when it will run, but head over and start reading. And if you can, make a donation for the Make A Wish foundation:

GSP : Guest Strip Project – guest stripping for the Make-A-Wish Foundation

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I’m saving newspapers!

Well, maybe not me alone. But this article talks about how newpapers comics are helping grow readership in other countries. Gasp! What a novel idea especially since that’s why comics were put into newpapers. Not that I’m stuck in the past. Quite the opposite.

I’m fortunate that DeD is both a webcomic and print comic. I don’t see it as either. The web and newspapers are just two pillars in building the world of Dog eat Doug.

Still, stories like this warm my heart:

Can comics save the American newspaper? » The Daily Cartoonist

Lots of Comic Goodness

Our first official day of “Tall Tale Features”. You can check out this post to learn all about it. Trust me, you will love these cartoonists:

Tall Tale Features » And Away We GO!!

Tommy Lee Jones meets Pappa

Cautiously looking forward to this film. Jones will direct the big screen version of “Islands in the Stream”. I’m in the middle of reading this book again and I’m enjoying it even more than the first time (maybe because I don’t have to write a paper on it). Production is a ways off but I’ll keep my web eyes peeled for more info:

Tommy Lee Jones for Hemingway’s ‘Islands’< br />Technorati Tags: ,

Dean Konntz’s Odd Thomas Site

Now this is quite the book promotion site. Honestly I haven’t read any of Koontz’s work in awhile. But my wife has, and me thinks I’ll be doing a little catch up:

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When does he find the time?

I’ve mentioned Dave’s upcoming strip “Legend of Bill” before. It should launch soon (Sooooon Dave, sooon). But I wanted to plug his blog today. Do not miss, I repeat do not miss the links to Dave’s other comics:

David’s Reddickulous Blog

Some Daily Inspiration

Nothing like strolling through this blog to get the fires kicking again. Just plain wow:


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Sharing A Webcomic

Now, I should’ve posted this yesterday, but I forget that I usually do my posts a day ahead. So here it is, a day late. That shouldn’t stop you from checking it out:

Imagine This

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Matt’s back in the octagon

Some readers may know what I’m talking about. Some may not. Either way just wanted to wish Matt luck on June 7th. It’s not easy taking a fight on short notice, but if anyone can do it 200%, well, it’s Matt:

BREAKING NEWS: June 7th Fight –

Also, just proofed and approved the cover for the DeD collection. It really came out sharp. And I’m sure they’ll update the current image on Amazon.

Fantasy Online Bookstore

Stumbled on to the blog for this online bookstore. And now it’s bookmarked. Just a ton of great fantasy and sci-fi books:

Withywindle Books – fantasy, science fiction and horror books and art

Pinkerton Book!

Bit of great news on Pinkerton. Everyone’s reading it right? There will be a Pinkerton collection coming out through 3rd World Studios. 3rd World also happens to be home to some other awesome comics. Link’s below, so head over there and browse around:

Independent graphic novel and comic book creator — Th3rd World Studios

Sketch Videos

You really should check out this site. Well, at least if you love watching amazing artists draw:

Sketch Theatre

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