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Dog eat Doug Books

Book notes:

The first two DeD are available on Amazon for pre-order. Thanks to everyone that has ordered so far. If these two do well, it means several more in the future:

Dog eat Doug ยป Book Store

Tomorrow I will have galleys for both books and will proof both. Looking forward to seeing the first physical, near finished copies. Maybe I’ll slip in a few photos on Monday’s post.

Right now I’m rewriting the second picture book for Roaring Brook. And soon I’ll have some official news on the next to books. Couldn’t have dreamed of a busier schedule. Loving it!

Webcomic in production

So yes, finally I’ve started work on the webcomic. It’ll be weekly in full color. The first story deals with two of the oddest characters in the book. They seemed like a good choice to introduce the world in the Novel. Well, not the whole world in the novel. Mostly the webcomic will deal with characters’ interactions in this world as opposed to the Conjurian.

Here’s a little sneak peak of some sketches I did to develop the style for the comic:


The new James Bond novel, Devil May Care

It’s coming! Very excited. I’ve been a bond fanatic for most of my life. Although I read the books first, which is a wee bit different than the Sean Connery, Roger Moore Bond. I’ve read Flemmings novels at least a couple of times, and all of the Gardner books.

After that, I picked up a couple here and there. I am however looking forward to this author’s take. Plus they have a nifty, shiny website:

The new James Bond novel, Devil May Care – Penguin Books