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Return to OZ

Okay, I’m still miffed at Scifi for canceling Farscape so they could
make mondo-cheesy movies. However, I must say they are starting to put
some real effort into their latest offerings. “Tinman” looks to be the
most promising and dare I say I’m actually looking forward to it.

You can see more here:


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More Inspiration

Thought I’d share another one of my sources of inpsiration. Florian Satzinger is a character designer. Or another title would be “Freakin’ Unreal Artist”. I’m always checking out his new drawings on his blog. Although I have yet to figure out where I can see any of his work in print or animated.


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Tidbit for you 90’s Comic Book Fans

Well, fans from the 90’s that is. And if you are or were, you know the name Rob Liefeld. He was a shooting star during the comics gold rush of the nineties. I’ll admit it, he was a big influence on me. He of course got lot’s of criticism for his style and stellar success. But flipping back through his work, it was fun and still is fun. The hundreds of Liefeld clones that came after him were not however. Either way you feel about it, here’s a good article on the man himself:

Orange County Weekly – Youngblood at Heart

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Today’s Cul De Sac comic

If you don’t have this in your paper, you have to check it out online. This is now one of my favorite comic strips (well that and the one with the dog and the baby). Today’s Sunday was just awesome:

Cul de Sac, comics, editorial cartoons, email comics, political cartoons

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My Agent’s New Site

I completely forgot to post on this when it launched. My agent has a new website. You’ll find a whole lot of great books just by browsing her client list. And of course there will be a sneak peek of “Nighty Night Sleepy Sleeps” on there soon.

Stimola Literary Studio LLC

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