Monthly Archives: May 2007

Stardust Movie

Via Neil Gaiman’s blog, the official site for the Stardust movie is live. Like everyone else, I get very nervous with movies based on books I love. But you certainly can’t beat the cast in this one.

Stardust – Official Movie Site

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More Set Design

This one was fun. Initially the story called for a sub-world prison colony. Now, I’m not at that point in the writing, but this new idea hit me the other day. The administration part of the prison extends up into this gorge. It makes for a great setting for a dramatic chase scene.

Bits of Inspirational goodness

Very tired but going strong. So thought I’d post a few tidbits that help give me a kick in the rears that gets my mind flowing again.

First one is Yaxin the Faun again. Seriously, can’t stare at these drawings and drool enough:

YAXIN the FAUN: The Faun Moleskine VI

And another bit is from one of my constant inspirations, Neil Gaiman. His post today is quite happily related to the strip (remember Ginger the lost dog?). The links below so you can check out his new furry friend, and again if you haven’t read any of his work please do so immediately. You won’t be sorry – I’m reading “Coraline” for the third time. Never gets old.

Here’s the link, off you go:

Neil Gaiman’s new furry friend

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Just off the Beaten Path

This was the next drawing in my sketchbook but has nothing to do with The Conjurers. Still clicking away at the quick re-write to show my editor, but this little odd guy was inspired by my son. He (my son not the odd ball guy above) was born on the twentieth and this was the first character/book he inspired. It’ll be a bit until I write this one but it’s a nice distraction while working on the novel.