Monthly Archives: February 2007

New Pen Test

Okay, this sketch may or may not have anything to do with the novel. But I just had to try out my new brush pen. It rocks! I’ve actually started using it to ink my comic strip.

Who are you?

Part of the fun I’m having with this book is doing the concept sketches as I write. In this case, I have no idea who these people are or if they’ll make the book. But as I’ve learned from previous “mystery” concepts, you sometimes stumble across these characters while writing.

Getting to Know Your Characters

Here’s where concept sketches really help. By watching your characters in your head and jotting down a few notes or sketches (as in this case) really helps bring them to life once you get around to plopping them into the novel.

Uncle Mordo is one of the main characters even though he vanishes in the first few chapters. But that brief appearance is critical to pulling the reader in emotionally. By spending some time with him before writing he pops to life in the book.


Today, some more concepts from the sketchbook. The first is of the Darsian Gates. Kind of a intermediate passageway into the Conjurian. It takes a leap of faith to get through (something central to the novel).

These gates are in the Novel. The sketch was a way for me to better picture the scene when writing. The second image is just a random idea. Right now it’s not in the book, but you never know. So many surprises along the way.